"Mark's inspection was professional and performed with diligence thereby giving me the confidence that I was buying a safe and sound house.  The inspection was not rushed.  Mark was at the house for a while and was very willing to answer my questions and explain the unknown.  I would call Inside Out Home Inspections for next inspection because of the confidence that the inspection will be thorough and will keep my best interests in mind."
-C.C., Hebron, CT
"I am most pleased about the thorough job done.  It gives me a lot of confidence that I know exactly what kind of shape the house I'm buying is in.  I would recommend Inside Out Home Inspections because of the reliability and thoroughness of service.  Also, I did not comparison shop the fee, but my real estate agent assures me it is very competitive.  I would call again for my next inspection because the service was quick, high quality and competitively priced."
-J.T., Norwich, CT
"Mark really took the time to go through all parts of the house and explain everything to me.  He even came back to the house when the seller was making repairs and had questions.  Mark was great to work with as a first time home buyer and never made me feel he was rushing through anything or keeping to a certain timetable.  He also answered my many questions.  I trust he would give me honest advice with different options."
-Shannon Ingraham, Hebron, CT
"I felt that Mark always had your best interests at heart-he would tell you things you didn't necessarily want to hear, but definitely needed to hear.  Mark really walks you through the process from start to finish, and the final report is invaluable because he includes so many pictures and tips/advice.  Mark provides a great service with a friendly and professional attitude and he tries to teach you what he sees, which is eye-opening."
-Emily Clifford, Enfield, CT
"My inspection was done in a thorough and professional manner.  The reports were sent to us expeditiously and helped us to be totally informed about the house we were buying.  Meaningful input was provided for informed decision-making.  We were very pleased with the quality of service provided.  We feel confident that we would use Inside Out Home Inspections for our next inspection because the inspection would be thorough, competent and valid in our decision-making process."
-C.B., New Britain, CT
"I was pleased with my inspection because you took your time to explain things to me that I otherwise would have never known about the house and how to maintain it.  You were affordable compared to other inspectors I had called and you offered a discount for using you again on a different home."
-Sheri C., Enfield, CT
"Mark carefully explained what he was doing at every step of the inspection.  He was thorough and clear in answering all my questions.  Mark was able to inspect my home within a day or two of my call, he was on time, he did a through inspection and sent me a detailed report the following day.  I am confident about the quality and accuracy of the inspection and know that Mark will answer questions in a knowledgeable and friendly way."
-P.B., Groton, CT
"Mark explained everything as he went along and helped me understand the weaknesses he discovered.  As a single woman, I feel I was treated with respect and was working with me to get the most/best for my investment.
I would call Inside Out Home Inspections for my next inspection because of the service I received when there was an issue with the house I was selling (and Mark inspected).
I especially liked the information sheet that was included with each category of the inspection.  I plan to hang on to the report and use it periodically to remind myself what needs to be done and at what frequency in order to keep my condo in good working order."
-Marita Howard, Cheshire, CT
"Mark was professional, yet personable and very informative while conducting the inspection.  He was very thorough and knew what he was doing.  No B.S. when I asked questions."
-Lisa Wratchford, Colchester, CT
"Mark was very professional, thorough and courteous.  I would recommend Inside Out Home Inspections because of the high level of service, prompt response and fair price. Mark was friendly, knowledgeable, and answered all my questions."
-O.I., Cromwell, CT
"Mark was on-time and did a thorough job.  The problems found were clearly explained and the sellers are gladly taking care of them.  I would call Inside Out Home Inspections for my next inspection because once you find the best there's no need to look for another.  :-)"
-Adam Roth, East Hampton, CT
"As a first time home buyer, I was nervous about purchasing, until I met Mark Hatheway.  Mark met us at our, soon to be, new home and put our minds at ease.  He was early for the appointment, a rarity these days, and very thorough.  Mark was extremely patient, very detail-oriented and honest.  He went through every square inch of the house and explained every detail to us.  I highly recommend Mark to anyone looking for an honest and patient home inspector!"
-Karen Erlandsson, West Hartford, CT
"You took your time and did a very complete job.  The home inspection report is detailed and insightful...also the information given during the inspection is most helpful.  I am pleased with the work and I trust Inside Out Home Inspections."
-Robert Dodge, East Hartford, CT
"My inspection let me know what needs to be done when I get into the home and what needs improvement upon purchase of the home.  Mark was very thorough and checked everything and explained everything in clear detail...very good service and reasonably priced in today's market."
-Laura Gates, Bristol, CT
"Every aspect was covered and it was extremely thorough.  We felt comfortable that nothing was missed, and this was especially important as we are buying our first home.  We were very happy with the results!"
-K.W., Rocky Hill, CT
"Very few problems were found...When telling my friends, they couldn't believe how detailed the inspection was.  Mark was very thorough.  Being first time home buyers Mark explained what he was inspecting and why it was important.  Mark was very professional and prompt.  We were able to schedule an appointment that fit our busy schedule."
-Krissy & Ed Mikucki, Middletown, CT
"Mark took the time to explain the various components of a home inspection and also gave some additional information about specific items in my new home.  As a first time home buyer this additional information is invaluable!  Mark was very flexible with his schedule and was easy to get a hold of.  The report format was easy to read and Mark's work was very thorough."
-K.O., Danbury, CT
"Inside Out Home Inspections was very thorough and provided a detailed report that we could understand.  Mark was efficient with the inspection and had all the answers to my questions right away...professional and pleasant to work with.
-Missy Lemek & Nick Jamieson, Tolland, CT
"Mark was very professional and thorough with my home inspection.  He takes the time to explain everything and even tells you what you may have to budget for.  Mark is friendly, thorough and I didn't feel rushed...he even went up onto the roof.  The service was at a fair price, with quick results and excellent communication.
-J.W., East Hampton, CT
"Mark not only completed a very through inspection of the property but gave us information on how to take care of & maintain the house in the future.  Mark took the time to inspect nearly every nook and cranny within the home as well as he exterior.  Mark explained to us what to be aware of in the years to come with the house and how to best maintain it which showed us that he was very knowledgeable and that he cared about his customers.  In addition to a very thorough & detailed home and property inspection, Mark was extremely prompt in doing the inspection on a weekend and sent us the report in a few days time.  Thank you!
-Eva & Jonathan White, East Hampton, CT
"We feel everything was properly covered.  Our inspection was not rushed.  We were able to ask many questions and Mark took all the time needed to answer them.  Mark was very professional, prompt and thorough.  The electronic report was very convenient and was prepared and distributed very quickly.  We feel very confident that we could trust Mark to perform our next inspection.
-Ben Lewis, East Hampton, CT
"Mark arrived on time (early, in fact), overviewed the inspection process and conducted a very thorough inspection.  Inspection was detailed and thorough.  Problem areas were reviewed at completion.  Report was emailed out on the day of the inspection.  Mark delivered conscientious, detailed and knowledgeable inspection services.'
-M.C., Avon, CT
"Very flexible with scheduling...results of our home inspection were quick.  Mark was very pleasant and easy to work with.  Not only was it easy to schedule an appointment...but it was a good learning experience for first time home buyers.  I was extremely satisfied with the first inspection."
-Joe Guerrera, Berlin, CT
"We are first time home buyers and weren't sure what was going on with the house and Mark was great and explained everything to the fullest.  Mark explained things to us in a way that we understood, emailed us the results right away and was very pleasant.  Mark is very trustworthy, reliable and timely.  Thank you so much!"
-B&J H., Columbia, CT
"My inspection was thorough and Mark took the time to review each area with me and provided me with a good idea of the 'life expectancy' of the mechanicals/roof of the home.  This will help me with financial planning for repairs/maintenance. 
I was treated as a home buyer, not a 'woman' home buyer.  Mark explained the good, the bad and 'needs improvement' in all areas of the home inspection.  A previous home inspection (at another property) by Mark revealed more work and $$$ than I was willing to shell out so I did not pursue purchase of that home.  More than two years later I wouldn't have any other home inspector than Mark, and this time the house was a 'go'!
-Paula Pike, Higganum, CT
"Mark was very thorough with every detail and explained what issues we could be facing.  Mark was very polite and pointed out every little thing...he was extremely professional and his detailed report was very well explained."
-S.K., Thompson, CT
"I felt that he was very professional and competent in his field...Mark was very friendly.
Mark was very knowledgeable and I felt very comfortable with his performance.  Dependable, reasonably priced and thorough."
-William & Luisa O'Connor, Thomaston, CT
"Mark conducted a professional and thorough inspection and involved me in all aspects of the inspection.  His report was well-documented and the price was very competitive."
-Peter Docarmo, Manchester, CT
"Service was suberb...Things were done promptly...Communication was excellent...Great service."
-S.M., Hebron, CT
"The entire inspection process was easier than I expected.  It was scheduled quickly and conveniently, when we had many other things to worry about.  It was painless.  This inspection was better than the previous inspection on our home.  Things were found that had been missed by the previous inspector, which led us to saving approximately $10,000.  The overall experience was thorough, quick, easy and the inspector was friendly and very professional."
-J.L., Coventry, CT
"Mark was very prompt about calling to keep us updated about every part of our inspection.  We were very impressed with the way the report was made...very professional presentation.  We were pleased with his work.  Never a problem getting a phone call returned.  Mark explained things in a way that was easy to understand."
-Sandy and Frank Sandberg, Mansfield, CT
"From begininng to end, Mark, you were thorough and walked me through the whole inspection process.  I felt very comfortable in knowing I was getting the best service possible.  You returned my calls, showed up on time and did everything you said you'd do.  Your fee is fair and you went above and beyond my expectations.  I know I got the best service in the business and I wouldn't think of calling anyone else."
-Julian Rivera, New London, CT
"Mark checked everything from the top of the chimney through the basement.  He was the most thorough inspector I have ever seen!  I know every client gets the same thorough inspection as their predecessor.  Mark is VERY knowledgeable and teaches his client about the property.  Mark sets appointments without much wait time, is extremely professional, down to earth and just a real nice guy."
I am a real estate agent who recommends Mark to all my clients seeking referrals - even my own home inspection!  I have witnessed many inspections and I have to say Mark is at the top of my list.  He is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, explains what he sees as he inspects and gives people solutions to problems.  When Mark leaves your property you will know more about your property than you could ever imagine!"
-Christi Johnson, Realtor  Tolland, CT
"Mark was courteous, knowledgeable and accomodating to our needs.  His prompt service allowed me to get cost information for replacing the furnace which enabled me to communicate intelligently with the seller and contractor."
-Karen Lulis, Tahoe City, CA
"The inspector was able to explain everything to me in terms easy for me to understand.  He was very professional and knowledgeable.  The computerized report was very clear and thorough."
-H.B., Middletown, CT
"Mark took time to explain what he was looking at and explained to me in terms I could understand of how to correct the issues that were most outstanding in the inspection.  I would recommend Inside Out Home Inspections because of his honesty.  Nowadays, that is a rare breed of person to find.  When you are looking to either purchase or sell your home, this is what you want - an 'honest inspection'.  Mark makes 'you' feel important, not just a dollar sign.  There was good phone contact and a quick turnaround for his report."
-Cory Marr-Grace, Plantsville, CT
"Mark explained the house Inside and Out, and answered my questions thoroughly.  Mark is punctual, professional and produced a first-rate complete report.  Mark is an easy person to communicate with."
-JP Thompson, Salem, CT
"Mark's report is a great way to get you to notice everything down to a 'T'. He advised how to run the home as a new homeowner.  Mark is very thorough when going through the house.  He looks at everything from cosmetic issues to structural issues.  His final reports are nicely done!  Once I find someone I trust with a job well done, I will always go back.  Relationships are based on trust."
-J.P., Bristol, CT
"My inspection was done well and Mark answered all my questions and explained things very well.  Mark told me things concerning my house and I liked the inspection report."
-T.A., Plainville, CT
"Arranging the inspection was very easy.   Mark was very flexible about appointment availability.  Mark's fee was very reasonable compared with other inspectors I checked out.  Mark is conscientious, honest, thorough and easy to work with.  He took the time to explain his findings and to be sure I understood how my condo's mechanicals worked.
-L.L., Glastonbury, CT
"Mark was thorough and honest.  He made sure to explain everything.  We were very comfortable with him...honest & knowledgeable...was available on short notice."
-S.C., Clinton, CT
"Mark did a great job checking all fixtures, major appliances, roof, furnace and water heater for defects.  Mark's overall inspection abled my wife and I to better negotiate with the seller.  We can trust Mark to alert us to any major defects that may be costly in the future."
-Maurice S., Enfield, CT
"Mark explained everything in detail.  He made sure I understood the inspection in whole.  He was very thorough and didn't mind my questions.  I would call Inside Out Home Inspections because of the wonderful service provided."
-Alonda S., New Britain, CT
"Mark's thorough and honest approach gave us the peace of mind that we are making the right decision.  We would recommend Inside Out Home Inspections because of the quick service and a knowledgeable, intelligent inspector who takes time to explain everything....very happy with the service."
-S.&D. G., Coventry, CT
"Mark was very thorough with the inspection and went out of his way to answer all of my family's questions.  They were able to schedule us very quickly, were very professional and went out of his way to talk to us during the inspection.  After receiving the report, which was very complete and easy to read, we would call again because we had a great experince."
-A.S., Enfield, CT
"Mark was incredibly thorough.  Every detail was examined and everything was explained in terms I could understand."
-S.M., Springfield, MA
"Very thorough...checks everything.  Very honest when needing an answer to a question...explained everything in detail...did not hide any information.  I was very pleased with the business.  I will definitely seek out Mark again, and refer others. 
Thank you again for your excellent service.  Your service was worth every penny!"
-S.S., New Britain, CT
"Mark was very accommodating and inspected our house on the precise day we needed.  Mark is very thorough, patient and knowledgeable.  We felt very comfortable with his advice and experience.  His rates are better than most and what you get in return is far greater than any other home inspector I have used in the past.  I will definitely use Mark in the future.  We loved the detail of the finished report.  It was very organized and easy to understand.  Mark kept us up to speed with the pending radon report and was available anytime both before and after the inspection.  We were emailed the inspection report the next day and the hard copy we received in the mail shortly after."         
-C.W., East Hartford , CT


"My inspection pointed out the "hidden" things that need completion, leading me not to pursue the purchase of the home….thorough, very detailed and went over everything so that you can understand what needs to be done…I felt like I was the only job he had for the day…I felt valued and know I got a great inspection…I loved the follow-up card…it made me feel important and valued as a customer.  I really appreciated the detailed report, pictures and fast turnaround time."           
-P.P., Killingworth , CT
"I would recommend Inside Out Home Inspections because Mark was thorough, complete, professional and responsible…good work."
-E.H., Staffordville , CT
"Mark is very thorough and takes his time. You don't want an inspector rushing through something as important as your home inspection…and he is reasonably priced!'   "Mark is very thorough and takes his time.
-M.R., Portland , CT


"Mark was extremely professional and thorough in all areas…the final report was well organized and easy to understand.  I feel confident that every area important to a home inspection was expertly covered and made me confident in that items necessary to purchase a home were thoroughly checked…he had my best interest covered. " 
-K.D., Middletown , CT
"Very responsive, professional, timely and value priced! "
-C.B., Guilford, CT